How to get American Netflix

This is the best guide how to get American Netflix in UK, Canada, Australia, Ireland, Japan, Ireland, Brasil, Mexico, New Zealand or any other country.

As you can see, Netflix can be watch in a lot of countries and it's still growing. For all the above countries you can use Unlocator to get American Netflix in UK, France or any other country as in the screenshot above.


Watch Netflix 3d movies with Unlocator

Update: The steps below can be a bit different since Netflix blocked some VPN services.

But, UNLOCATOR Service IS STILL WORKING.  Just follow the steps on Unlocator and you will get access. They offer a great support if you are having any problems.

To Do List:

  1. Get a account in your country
  2. Sign up for an Unlocator account and try it for free (14 days)
  3. Setup guide: Select your own Netflix device
  4. Turn the device off and on again
  5. Voila

Extra: check also the Netflix Codes for more movies

how to get American Netflix

This is it. No fancy tricks or twiching the Netflix setup, you just change the location using Unlocator service and you’re up and runing. Everything is the same, including internet speed, and the beauty of it is that you can use it on pretty much any device you have Netflix on – for example on your Smart TV, Android, Xbox 360, even on PlayStation, Roku and everything that supports Netflix.

What about my current Netflix account?
Your normal account will be always available, you can easily switch back to the DNS of your normal account. But most people will only use Netflix USA because of the much biggers movie list. Consider it like you have your own Netflix account, but because of Unlocator you can use the service from America and i can tell you that's BIG TIME more movies and TV-shows.


How to get American Netflix on PS4

Change your region to Netflix USA or UK


Suitable for much more other streaming services

You can use Unlocator for pretty much anything. Do you like watching CBS, ABS, Hulu Plus? You can use them as well by using Unlocator in the same way as with Netlix. We have a channel list here for you to see which sites can be hacked in such a way.


Why Use Unlocator:

  • easy to use, set your region (US, UK, etc)
  • get acces to much more movies, cartoon, docu’s and TV shows ( the American collection is the biggest)
  • free trial of 2 weeks, after that very low rates
  • it’s more safe to surf on internet
  • fast connection
  • unlimited devices *
  • 14 day money back guarantee
  • cancel membership anytime
  • unblocks 147 + other services too
  • very easy setup guides for all systems
  • for any kind of router

Unlocator Netflix

Watch US Netflix on your PS4, PS3, XBOX one, Android, iPhone, Tablet, Smart TV, Nintendo Wii, PC, Laptop, Apple TV and any other device!


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