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This is the page where you can find more information about how to login on Netflix USA Login, let's say what you see when you live in the USA or you are watching the American Netflix from any other country using Unlocator,  or any VPN Service that gives you access to the biggest movie and TV show database.

So, if you ever have doubts about cancelling Netflix because you see too much old movies or you have seen most movies /  TV-shows, than read here more about how to increase your movies list.

Netflix Sign in USA with DNS

netflix login member

This is the page you get on when you watch the American version: the url will be Other countries will get links like or In right upper corner you see the sign in / log in button, click on it and sign in / log in with your password.



netflix sign in


After you clicked the sign in button you will get this page. There is an option to use Facebook Login. This is very handy. Netflix has options to recommend movies to friend on Facebook too. Great for sharing and caring easily. Or you can select the remember option, also great to use.



netflix login member sign my account netflix cancel


After you are logged in you will see a look a like page like above. You can see "Mijn lijst" on the left. That is in Dutch because this screenshot is taken from a Dutch account using American Netflix. It mean add to list. So it's a great option to do that and create your own movie list. In the right upper corner you can click on the smiley and go to my account.


set language

After you clicked on my account thrue the smiley, you get this page. So if you watch the American version, you can still change your language here into Dutch, German, Spanish, French, Norsk bokmål, Portuguese, Finnish and Swedish. But, probably there will be added more other languages in the future too.

And remember if you have doubts to cancel Netflix, first read here more about how to increase your movies list. It will give you access to much more movies and TV-shows than you have ever imagined.  And if you still not have acces in your country yet, also ready on that link how to get access. Netflix login member or sign my account netflix to cancel for UK, USA, Canada, Australia, Mexico, New Zealand, Brazil and all others..